10 Best Toys And Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls (2024 Guide)

We picked out and reviewed the top 10 best toys and gifts for 9 year old girls, and we have something for everyone.

Your nine-year-old girl may be starting to mature, or she may still have that child-like and carefree spirit. Her emotions and attitude can change in an instant, and this can make it particularly challenging to pick out gifts and toys for your nine year old that she’ll enjoy for more than a few hours. We understand this, and this is why we did the research for you.

Things To Know Before Buying Gifts For Your 9 Year Old Girls

Whether she likes makeup and hair chalk or art supplies and science-themed kits, we have it all. But, before we get to the reviews, we’re going to touch on a quick overview of your nine-year-old girl’s development, as well as what you should expect going forward.

Understanding Your Nine-Year-Old Girl

Your nine-year-old most likely has a lot of energy, and her friends are very important to her. She may also be acting more independent and want to explore the world on her own terms. She most likely puts great importance on her clothing, music choices, and appearance. Your girl may want to start staying over at her friend’s houses more often.

She may also start to go through puberty at this age, and this can make her feel self-conscious and awkward. This is all normal, and she’s looking to you for reassurance and guidelines. She needs you to keep the lines of communication open and to know that you’re always going to be there to talk or listen to her. Let her be part of your household decision-making or activities, and make sure she’s always included.

9 Year-Old Girl Toy and Gift Ideas

Picking out toys and gifts can be challenging, especially at this age. Her interests seem to shift and change on a dime, and it seems impossible to keep up with her. A lot of girls are really starting to like makeup and dressing up in nice things. Sports and social activities are also important, so finding things she can do with her friends is a good idea.

If she likes to cook and bake, invite her into the kitchen and let her help you plan and make a meal or a dessert. Real life things rather than imaginative play might start to pick up pace at this age. Crafting or doing scientific experiments is another good gift idea. Perhaps she likes board games, and these are good for social play with friends or even with the whole family.

By this time, she’ll most likely have defined likes and dislikes, and it’s easier to choose a gift in an area she likes. Being involved is important to her, so don’t forget to plan some family activities or for some one-on-one time. Have a girl’s day out and get your nails and makeup done, or take her to a game for a few hours.

10 Best Toys And Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

These are the top ten best gift ideas to consider for your 9 year old girls.

1. Just My Style Your Décor Water Bottle

This water bottle lets your 9-year-old girl decorate it however she likes, and it has a handy hook on the top to secure it right to her backpack. The kit comes with five ultra-bright markers and several designs she can choose from.

You can choose from two different styles, and you also get several bright gemstones that you can adhere right onto the water bottle’s sides. Buy one for her or buy a few and let her decorate it with her friends for a quick and fun party or sleepover project.


  • Can choose from two different styles that come with 20 gemstones
  • Encourage art skills and social skills
  • It’s a great opener for teaching about reusing bottles rather than single-use bottles


  • Might be difficult to clean the inside of the bottle
  • Markers wash off and smear in very hot water

2. ALEX Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pens

Each one of the four nail art pens in this kit comes with a precision end that’s perfect for drawing designs and a brush end that quickly colors them in. Your girl will enjoy beautiful nail designs that are bright in the daytime and glow in the dark at night.

Your daughter can use these nail art pens to refine her fine motor skills, and it can bring out her artistic side when she creates dozens of beautiful and lasting designs. They’re less messy to use than traditional nail polish as well.


  • Comes with very bright and glow in the dark colors
  • Helps to refine fine motor skills and artistic talents


  • Might be difficult to squeeze through the narrow tip
  • Pens tend to tip over and have a strong smell

3. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

These easy hair chalk pens come in five vibrant colors and they’re easy to apply. They work with a variety of hair colors and styles, and they are washable in one wash so they’re easy to remove. Your girl can enjoy an afternoon with her friends coloring each other’s hair.

This hair chalk playset also comes with a hair beading tool, 24 metallic beads, and 24 hair elastics so she can try out unique and fun styles. If you want to keep the color in for more than one day, you’ll have to reapply it to the areas you want it to stay bright in.


  • Comes with bright hair chalk and metallic beads
  • Washes out easily with one wash


  • May leave a waxy or greasy feeling in the hair
  • Can smudge or flake off on clothing

4. Echolife Mermaid Tail Blanket

Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls

Choose from three different fun colors for this high quality mermaid tail-inspired blanket. It is made out of soft and breathable fleece fabric, and it has a flannel lining for a more durable option. It’s lightweight enough to use year-round, and your child will love imagining she’s a mermaid.

She can use this blanket inside as well as outside, and you can toss it into the machine to wash it and tumble dry in the dryer. Your child’s feet go in the fins, and she can pull this mermaid tail up to her shoulders.


  • Made of a plush polyester fabric with flannel
  • Comes in three bright and fun colors


  • Might be slightly smaller than it looks

5. Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

This compact joke book is packed full of age-appropriate and easy to understand jokes that your child will enjoy. It’s a great way to get her reading and practicing reading if she struggles with it. There are over 126 pages of jokes in this book.

You can choose from a paperback, Kindle edition, Audiobook, or a CD, and it can provide hours of fun. It has one-liners and knock-knock jokes, and they’re all in a very easy-to-read format with a lot of white space. Adults may even get a short laugh out of it.


  • Has dozens of age-appropriate jokes
  • Very easy-to-read format with white space


  • Some jokes may need a little explanation

6. Darice 131-Piece Premium Art Set

This high-quality large art set has everything a novice artist needs to draw and develop her artistic talents. She’ll get colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, crayons, and watercolor cakes along with a variety of art tools for exploring different arts & crafts. The tools include a palette, sharpener, pencil, paintbrush, ruler, eraser, scissors, and glue.

Everything in this art kit comes neatly packed into a durable wooden case that latches closed. It also has a handle with metal hinges for greater durability. The bright and bold colors are sure to inspire her imagination and give her hours of fun drawing and creating new art.


  • Art kit comes with over 130 quality pieces and tools
  • Wooden case is very sturdy and makes it portable


  • Watercolor cakes tend to dry out and crack

7. LEGO – 21312 – Ideas Women of NASA

LEGO are known for making great STEM toys out of awesome DIY building kits. They are making as many building sets now for little girls and they do for young boys. And lots that are unisex too. The spread of LEGO Disney – including Star Wars – and LEGO DC/Marvel has been exponential. If your little girl has an interest in science, then this is a great gift to give her some inspiration to not only follow her dreams, but to see the opportunity in things that are hard.

The LEGO Ideas Women Of NASA pays homage to some of the most influential and inspiring women of Space Science. The 231 piece set is of a modest size, but shows off 4 minifigures representing these Women of science and their achievements. The minifigures are of:

  • Nancy Grace Roman with Hubble Space Telescope
  • Margaret Hamilton with a stack of books representing Apollo Guidance Computer source code
  • Sally Ride and Mae Jemison with launchpad and Space Shuttle Challenger.

This Women Of NASA Lego set comes with a booklet that gives information about these inspiring women of science, and their achievements. It’s the perfect gift for inspiring young girls to be all they can be. To see positive female role models in valuable positions of great importance and skill. At the same time, it’s lots of fun to build and play with.

8. Creativity for Kids Sparkle N’ Grow Butterfly Terrarium

This craft kit is perfect for anyone who is interested in plants, art, or butterflies. The craft kit comes with everything your child needs to grow and maintain her butterfly terrarium including a water mister, plant seeds, jar, lid, and art supplies like butterfly wings.

It’s very easy to set up and maintain, and she can see growth in as little as three or four days. You can choose from two different terrarium styles when you order, and it typically takes less than an hour to set up. This fun and educational toy can entertain her for hours.


  • Great way to teach about plants and growth habits
  • Very easy to set up and maintain


  • Jar is plastic
  • Seeds may not grow well or sprout

9. 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Your daughter will love exploring science with this seven different crystal growing kit. Each crystal comes with a display case so she can show her hard work off to family and friends. It’s a great choice for anyone who is interested in geology.

In this science kit, she’ll get everything she needs to grow her crystals including a crystal growing compound, mixtures, display domes, stirring supplies, string, and very detailed instructions that will tell her how to get the best results. The crystals in this science kit can start growing right away, and they can last for years in their display cases.


  • Very quick results that reach full size within 10 days
  • Encourages science and geology exploration


  • Crystals may not get as large as the pictures

10. SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit

Some girls love makeup, and if your girl falls into this category she will love this makeup set. This beginner makeup kit has everything your young girl needs to practice her makeup skills. She’ll get 48 bright eye shadows, four blushes, six lip balm/ lip gloss, and five double-sided brushes to apply the makeup. It all sits in a thin and compact case.

The different colors are very bright, and it only takes a small amount to show up. The makeup and kit is designed and made in the USA, and it’s held to very strict standards. Your child can practice her makeup skills on herself, or she can have her friends over and they can all play and practice. Maybe she can turn her birthday party into a makeup day with her friends if this is a birthday gift, but it works equally as well as a Christmas gift.


  • Kit has a lot of makeup and application brushes
  • Storage case is very slim and compact


  • Have a lot of shimmer and glitter added in

Conclusion: Toys And Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls

Your nine-year-old is a complex person who usually has a strong personality and will to match. Her moods and needs can change very fast, but having open communication is the key to keeping up with her. Our 10 toys and gifts for 9 year old girls give you a wide range of activities and projects she may enjoy, and there are also ones that she can enjoy as a group. You can quickly compare them to pick out the gift or toy that suits her unique personality the best.

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