10 Best Gifts and Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Your three-year-old girl is making big strides in development and is proud of her growing independence. The best toys for 3 year old girls and toys for girls should take their current development stage into account. “I can do it myself!” is a phrase you might hear often as she tackles new tasks like potty training and dressing herself.

She’s becoming increasingly verbal and likes to interact with others, especially children her age, but she still needs lots of help and support from you and other trusted adults as she negotiates social struggles like managing big emotions turn-taking, sharing, and communication.

At three years old, she’s beginning to be able to follow simple directions, form simple sentences, and engage in dramatic play. It’s a thrilling time for you and your little girl as you explore these new interests and abilities together. The best toys and gifts that your 3 year old child receives can support her development and enhance her play.

Tips for Choosing The Best Gifts And Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

  • Toys that gently introduce your child to a simple concept such as shapes, colors, numbers, or the alphabet are a great way to prepare them for preschool.
  • Open-ended toys that can be played with in more than one way give your child a chance to explore her own ideas and build confidence through imaginative play. These often become her favorite toys.
  • Toys or games that allow your child to practice fine motor control can help them gain independence and dexterity.
  • Dolls, dress-up clothes, props or other sets that encourage pretend play and role play are often the best toys. A big hit for this age as they are able to use their imagination to explore possibilities and ideas.
  • Choose toys and gift ideas that are sturdy and well-made to prevent frustration and damage.
  • Since social interaction is becoming more important at this age, look for the best gifts for 3 year old girls that can easily be played with by two children at a time.

Reviews of Top-Rated Best Gifts and Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

1. AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard

This mosaic pegboard is a great activity for your three-year-old girl. It’s a great early learning toy, and a good entry to STEM toys. It comes with 46 mushroom shaped nails that are the perfect size for little hands. These easily snap onto the pegboard to make beautiful designs. The set comes with ten illustrated pattern cards with fun pictures such as a bird, a fish, and a dinosaur to get your child started, but they can also make their own creations on the pegboard.

The colors are bright to catch your little one’s attention and using this toy will help them learn to match and identify colors. Parents will be happy to know that the kit comes with a tray that easily stores all of the pieces.

2. Hape All Season Wooden Doll House With Accessories

Few toys are as central to playtime and are as well-loved as a little girl’s doll house. From rearranging the furniture to playing out scenes with their doll family, you’ll be amazed at how long your three-year-old spends playing with this toy. Imaginative play and make-believe is an important part of children’s development as it gives them a safe space to develop social skills such as empathy, problem-solving, and communication. This unique playset from Hape features a sturdy wooden design with delightful details such as moving doors and a skylight.

Furniture sets for four rooms are included: the master bedroom, bathroom, media room, and kitchen. Hape also sells many additional furniture piece sets so you can add to this starter piece as your child grows and expands her creative play. The open face style and three levels allow children to access the house from all sides which means it is easy for more than one child to play at a time.

All the materials are non-toxic, and the house is easy to put together. Hape has many different doll families available so that you can choose one your child identifies with to complete this set. This dollhouse is a good choice as either a birthday gift or a Christmas gift.

3. Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘n Style Ponies

This sweet Play Doh set featuring My Little Ponies will thrill your child’s imagination and get them creating. It comes with nine pastel colors of Play Doh such as pink, purple and baby blue as well as everything you need to make your favorite ponies. First choose from four plastic bases which feature wings, a unicorn horn, or a simple horse design. Then select the color of your pony and use the book mold to make the pony’s body.

Next, choose a color for your pony’s hair and use the two-piece extrude to style it in whatever way you choose. Finally, use the mold palette to make cutie marks such as hearts or butterflies, and apply them to your pony.

Girls can make their favorite characters from My Little Pony such as Princess Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash or use their imagination to create a pony of their own design. Play Doh is a great way to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and build hand strength.

4. eboo Preschool Lotto Game

Your three-year-old is starting to understand how to follow the rules of a game and take turns. This simple lotto game from Eboo is a great way to spend time learning and playing together. The pieces are designed to be a bit larger and sturdier so that little hands can easily hold them without getting frustrated. The game also allows for up to six players so siblings or friends can join in the fun too. Each player chooses one of the six game boards which feature vehicles, wild animals, farm animals, pets, toys, or fruits and vegetables. Then turn all of the square lotto pieces over in the center and mix them around.

Each player takes a turn flipping over a piece in the hopes of making a match on their board. If they don’t make a match, other players can try to remember where that piece was and choose it on their turn. Once you match all six pieces to your game board, you win! The colorful designs are interesting and fun and can spark conversations which will help your child expand her vocabulary and knowledge of the world. She’ll also be working on memory and concentration as she tries to find the pieces to match her board.

5. Dr. Deluxe Medical Kit

Little girls will love playing doctor with this simple and sturdy kit from B. toys. It has everything she needs to give her stuffed animals check-ups and fix their boo-boos: a stethescope with a realistic heartbeat sound, a beeper with lights and sound, a syringe, scissors, a thermometer with moving mercury indicator, tweezers, a blood pressure cuff with a spinning dial, a dental mirror, an otoscoope and a latching carry case to hold it all. Of course, all of the pieces are safe for children to use and are made from non-toxic plastic.

Pretend medical play can help children work through anxiety they might have about visiting the doctor which is very common for this age. Additionally, this kit is sure to spark some great imaginative play that will promote social skills vital to your little girl’s development.

6. JaxoJoy Kids Musical Instruments & Percussion Set

Self-expression is becoming more important to your three-year-old and this musical instrument set is a fun way to help her march to the beat of her own drum. The drawstring carrying bag holds ten pieces of high-quality musical instruments: two maracas, two shaker eggs, two wrist bells, two claves, two finger castanets, a handheld castanet, a tambourine, a triangle with a striker, and large and small sleigh bells. This provides plenty of instruments to share with a group to increase the fun.

Musical experiences in early childhood have been shown to have countless benefits including the development of melody, pitch and rhythm, expanded creativity, and an increase in attention and memory. Children can play along to their favorite recorded music or create their own songs with this versatile set.

7. Micro Mini Orignal Kick Scooter

There is nothing quite like zooming down hills and feeling like one of the big kids with your very own ride-on scooter! This award-winning, top-rated Micro Mini Kick Scooter features non-marking, high-quality rubber wheels and a fiberglass deck to ensure a smooth and stable ride for your little one just learning to scoot. In order to steer, your child leans their bodyweight to direct the scooter rather than turning the T-bar. This provides a safer ride and prevents falls and injuries while helping your child develop balance and coordination.

The intuitive rear brake provides additional protection. The Micro Mini ride-on scooter comes in eight bright colors such as Pink, Green, Purple and Yellow so your little one’s wheels can match her style. It is unisex so makes a great toy for 3 year old boys too! This is a great gift for kids to develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination. As well as to burn off some of that abundant toddler energy.

8. Melissa & Doug Alphabet Express Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle

Many three-year-olds enjoy puzzles as they help to express their desire to put something in its appropriate place and work with their hands. They are great educational toys. This bright puzzle from Melissa & Doug offers many opportunities for educational play. When completed, the puzzle forms a ten foot long alphabet train with an animal whose name begins with the corresponding letter in each car.

Not only are children developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, persistance and problem solving by putting the 27 pieces together, they are also being introduced to the alphabet sounds in a fun and enjoyable manner.

You can help expand the play further with this educational toy by making each animal’s noise or acting out their movements. The puzzle is designed to withstand preschool play with a sturdy laminated cardboard design that easily wipes clean to make sure you’ll be able to play again and again.

9. Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Scoop up some fun with your little girl’s very own ice cream shop! Everything she needs to get set up for business is included in this set. The clever design features a scooper that easily lifts eight wooden ice cream scoops in various flavors and fits them snugly into either one of two cones or a cup. Next, use the tongs to add toppings such as strawberry sauce, rainbow sprinkles or a cherry. Don’t forget to pay! The set comes with six pretend dollar bills for extra fun.

The wooden ice cream counter adds authenticity to your child’s play and provides a neat place for all of the pieces to fit. It’s a nice refreshing take on the traditional tea party and tea set or play kitchen style of social and imaginative play. Learning the same core skills in a refreshing way.

The paper menu is also a fun touch so that you can figure out what to order from your sweetie’s shop. Your child will be learning order, memory, social interaction, counting and more while gaining a sense of accomplishment as she delivers delicious treats with a smile. This toy easily earns its place as one of the best toys for 3 year old girls.

10. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

This toy may look compact, but it is full of educational fun! This award-winning childsize pretend laptop offers four learning modes. Familiar songs such as Wheels on the Bus and If You’re Happy and You Know It are included in music mode and the ABC mode features 26 animal animations that will effortlessly teach your child letter sounds. In Message mode, your child can pretend to exchange e-mails with friendly characters Scout and Violet. The Leaptop can even be customized to help your child learn how to spell her own name.

Little girls will love feeling just like mommy and daddy with their very own laptop which can easily be transported by the carrying handle. It’s a great toy to bring to a place where your child might need something to occupy them like a doctor’s office or a restaurant. All that is required to power the fun is three AA batteries. She’ll be learning the foundations of early phonics, rhythm, fun animal facts and media literacy with this sweet introduction to computers.

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